Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1985 Halloween III



  1. The narrative is engaging, and lighting simply wonderful!

    These Halloween illustrations...are they for a client project, someting from your past, or are you just making it up for fun? Just wondering.

    1. Hey Mike, I responded to you, but I think something wacky happened. So if this is a second response, sorry. Just ignore the one that is worded poorer.

      The gist was thanks, and it is for fun. I did the first one, which was my actual costume in ’85, back in October and someone said I should do more. So I’m making the night a bit more interesting than it was.

      I also really enjoyed looking through your work. Your Halloween poem is fantastic.

    2. Thanks Jesse! Honestly Halloween is my favorite Holiday and any excuse to create and/or enjoy other peoples artwork is a treat! (so thanks for creating and sharing yours).

      Oh, and I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog (us Kanas City folk need to stick together, right? haha) I feel slightly embarassed because I've been negelcting my blog for awhile now, but my projects are keeping me hopelessly swamped. 0_o sigh... (should have a super update comimng in a few weeks...after one of my larger deadlines is over).

      Anyway, thanks again!

  2. (sorry if you got it twice. my comment went wacky like yours. My first one...which had no mis-spellings...supposedly went to google+? )